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Don't be a litter lout

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Don't be a litter lout Empty Don''t be a litter lout

Think about the item you plan to throw away. Maybe there’s an alternative to disposal. Its true there is no solution to the problem of rubbish, but there are three things you can do to make less of it: reduce, re-use and recycle it.
We reduce the amount of trash we generate when we use fewer disposable items. For example, we can select products that have as little packaging as necessary. If we use these products, we will have less trash to dispose of.
When we re-use an item again and again, we also cut down on the volume of trash we discard. Pour yourself a glass of juice instead of drinking one from a juice box which you will throw away. You can wash the glass and use it many times over.
When we recycle, we collect and separate items which we generally throw away. These items are then used to make new products. For example, we can recycle used aluminium into new cans...We can recycle used plastic bottles and old newspapers. Recycling not only reduces the amount of trash we throw away but also protects the environment and conserves natural energies.

source: At the crossroads SE1, p158.

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