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    Think about the item you plan to throw away. Maybe there’s an alternative to disposal. Its true there is no solution to the problem of rubbish, but there are three things you can do to make less of it: reduce, re-use and recycle it.
    We reduce the amount of trash we generate when we use fewer disposable items. For example, we can select products that have as little packaging as necessary. If we use these products, we will have less trash to dispose of.
    When we re-use an item again and again, we also cut down on the volume of trash we discard. Pour yourself a glass...

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    Scientists have recently reported that the polar ice caps are melting due to a rise in atmospheric temperatures known as the "Greenhouse Effect". According to Melvin Calvin, who won a Nobel Prize for earlier research, the carbon dioxide given off when coal and oil are burned is accumulating in the atmosphere and causing temperatures to reise. As a result, the ice covering the North and South Poles is melting and may eventually lead to a rise in sea levels which could flood many areas of the world including New York, London, Tokyo.


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